Sunday, January 6, 2008

Epiphany- Three Kings Day

Epiphany: Does most of the world really know that God is with us?

So, we come to the end. And with every end, there is a beginning and something to look forward to.
Last night we went to the Three Kings Parade. Julian must have gathered half a kilo of candy. He was very excited.
Today we opened the gifts that the Three Wise Men brought for Julian. And D. and I got to witness the gift that God gave us.

Tomorrow is my last day of CHRISTmas vacation. On Tuesday school starts. I really look forward to seeing all my children again and starting the new trimester.

Tomorrow will also be a very special day in Spain because it is the beginning of the "Official Sale Season." I'm ready to go on a shopping spree and start CHRISTmas shopping for next year! Wish me luck!

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