Friday, February 13, 2009

A Little Good News Today.

Crisis, crisis, crisis. I really hate to turn on the news or read the paper. I get depressed. But today I ran across a story that warmed my heart.

Forty years ago a fire in South Boston brought two people together. A black baby girl named Evangeline and a white fireman (that was the correct term back then) named William Carroll. The man saved the baby and forty years later Evangeline sought him out to give him thanks. Big deal, right? He was doing his job! Yes. But in this day and age where some people can't or won't do their job. And in this day and age where being thankful and giving thanks is not appreciated, this story speaks of values we've lost.
What sticks out in my mind are the last words of the video that accompanies the story.

Mr. Carroll says:
We did a good thing that day.

WE not I.

See it and read it for yourself.

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