Friday, November 23, 2007

Saturday 11-24 - Advent and CHRISTmas Countdown!

Just eight more days for the beginning of Advent. So I have just one more week to get all the "fun" Advent stuff ready for Julian. Although for me this season is spiritual, I want my child to learn to experience the expectation of this "coming of our Savior." So, I will be making an Advent wreath, a cute non-religious Advent calendar and also a religious one. I want him to learn that although "The World" (I always find the usage of this term perplexing and will write about it another time) celebrates the days leading up to CHRISTmas one way, the way we celebrate, first and foremost, has to reflect what we are celebrating. Once we do that, we can also join the rest of "The World" and buy presents for each other, eat, drink and be merry, because after all what we believe is all about community.

So, there are just 31 more days until CHRISTmas.

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