Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday, November 29 - It's just around the corner.

Yes, just tomorrow and Saturday and bam! it crept up on us. Advent. Oh, the expectation! Oh, the anticipation! Each year I am more and more excited about it.
Last year I learned it was a process. Much like Lent (Thank you Fr. Chris for calling it CHRISTmas Lent). Alas, I only thought about it this way on the third Sunday of Advent. Much like buying your CHRISTmas tree the day after CHRISTmas. So I firmly resolved to start thinking about it right around my birthday. So on October 23rd I turned the page of my appointment book, my cell phone sent out a reminder, Google calendar sent me an email. And I got to planning. I read things, I talked to people, I made a list (this really is of no help. I have so many half finished lists in my to-do notebook that it is rendered pointless) and I prayed.
So here we are, just two more days and I'm ready!!!!

On the CHRISTmas front:
I do not know how it happened but all the talk about waiting until Julian's birthday to buy him a video console (here) , a Wii to be exact was for naught! I don't know how or when it happened, but D. is not only getting a PS2 (I believe infernal machine were my exact words), but we are getting it this Saturday and we are going to unleash it into our lives on January 6th. Big mistake I tell you. But, I have learned that when it comes to cars and technology, when Mr. D. makes up his mind, I better step aside.

The key number is 26.

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