Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday, November 28 - The Perfect Gift

Yes, just three more shopping days until CHRISTmas!
No, I've not gone totally mad! This year I firmly resolve to do no more CHRISTmas shopping after Saturday. What is not done now will have to be done AFTER the 25th of December (which will actually be the 27th. No, I'm not planning to lose a day. The 26th is a holiday in Cataluña, St. Steven). What? Yes, that is my Advent resolution. You don't know about those! Well, let me see if I can decipher my madness for you.
Every CHRISTmas it's the same old thing. I buy some stuff at the after-CHRISTmas sales, some at the July sales (In Spain sales are only allowed twice a year. They start after Epiphany and on July 1 and last for about two months. Strange. Yes! But that's what I have to work with!). The rest of the stuff I buy in December. The typical scenario goes like this:
I go shopping sometime in early December. Can't find exactly what I want. As if the perfect gift exists. So I'm faced with having to go out on December 23 and 24 and fight everyone else for the not-so-perfect gift. Frankly, I'm tired!
This year things will be different. If I do not find anything in the next three days (I probably won't because Julian and I are sick and have no strength to go shopping) I will make cookies for those who I know will appreciate them and the rest will have to wait until Epiphany (Reyes) to receive their perfect or imperfect gift.
What in the world will I do from December 2nd until the 24th I will concentrate on preparing for Baby Jesus to come. So, I have to clean house, not just the mess I have around me, but the one I have inside too. I want to be squeaky clean when Jesus comes. I'll be looking at web pages, blogs, listening to podcasts, going to daily mass, talking about Advent, teaching Julian to be prepared in his own way. With all of that to do to get prepared, I'll hardly have any time to go downtown in search of the perfect gift. I'd rather get the perfect gift at midnight on December 25th.
Speaking of which; there are only 27 more days until CHRISTmas!!!!!

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