Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday, December 14 - Childhood Memories

Lots to catch up on.
Last weekend I spent four days of pre-madness relaxation in the country. Mountains, sea, fresh air, roaring fire in the fireplace, sleeping late, going to bed early. It was great! Sadly, I could not update the blog but I have been keeping up with my Advent resolutions.

Today I ran into a great article by Deacon Tom. I reminded me of my childhood in Juarez, Mexico, my dear grandmother Mamá Lucita (hope you've made friends with St. Joseph :) ) and the crowd of people going from house to house with large figures of Joseph and Mary from Abuelita's Nacimiento asking to be let in. House after house the crowd would sing to be let in and the "inkeepers" would refuse. But at the very last house would always let the pilgrims in.
I especially remember the year I got to be the angel and would lead the procession candle in hand, with Joseph and Mary right behind me. How I wanted those wings and that halo to be real! How I wanted to be as "good" as I felt that special night all year around! I remember crying when I heard the people inside the house say no. They were saying no to St. Joseph and to our Mother Mary!!!! I didn't cry out loud. The memory of the tear stains on my white satin robe are so vivid.
But at the last house! Oh! To hear:
Entren Santos Peregrinos, Peregrinos
Reciban este rincón
Aun que es pobre la morada, la morada
Os la doy de corazón.

I feel so dumb for crying as I write this. But I know that the innocence of my short six years of life can no be recaptured. At least not by me, but my hopes are high for Julian!

Eleven short days to welcome Him. Patience is a virtue!

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