Saturday, December 1, 2007

Friday, November 30 - Jesse Tree

Advent, on Sunday, people!

We started a Jesse tree. I found it on Internet and then Greg and Jennifer from Rosary Army in their latest podcast talked about it. So I printed some of the symbols, drew some (they generally resemble what they ought to be) and got the rest from Microsoft clip art (could not for the life of me draw a burning bush). I'll post some pictures as we go along.

Christmas update: We have the PS2. Woe be me! I've put my foot down on getting any violent games.
First it was safe TV, then child-friendly DVDs, then parental control on the computer. Now I have to read up on video games.
Will this child ever develop a sense of right and wrong all on his own?

Twenty-five days until the BIG DAY!

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