Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today, on Daily Breakfast episode #503, Fr. Roderick proposed we do something that perhaps should be done on a yearly basis.
He proposed that we make a "bucket list." The idea is based on the movie of the same name. Basically, think about the things that you want to do before you "kick the bucket."
So here is my bucket list:

Spend quality time with my parents. (seeing them for 1 month every two years on vacation is not really conducive)

Tell CF, AF and IF how I feel about them. (it's good, don't worry)

Do something completely out of character for me. Just once.

Learn German. (after so many failed attempts)

Go to JPII's grave.

and live, love and laugh until I see His face and then I'm sure keep living, loving and laughing.


Wency said...

Hey Marnie. Here responding to your response to my blogsite. Thanks for visiting. I think you just inspired me to do a bucket list too. I want to go to Cedar Point in Ohio (roller coaster park), go to Europe, and definitely learn another language. Two is definitely not enough (I'm of Cuban descent...) My wife's bucket list would begin with a trip back to Sapin... she LOVES it there.

BTW, what does one down, one to go mean... sorry, I'm a bit slow (I'm a man after all).

And agreed, a friend of Maria's (or Begs as I call her) is a friend of mine. Peace and God bless.

marniebcn said...

When you and your wife come to Spain, let me know and I will show the both of you Barcelona!