Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What in the world are those shoes about?

I took a look at María's latest blog post. Cute kindergarten class picture! It made me think about my chaotic childhood. Bouncing back and forth between Mexico and the US. Those were really good times. Maybe that's why putting down roots in one place has never been my goal in life. I wouldn't mind picking up right now and going back to the States, or maybe Canada, or Italy. As long as I know the language. Ok, Portugal or Brazil may work too. I could work the rust out of my very rusty French. Germany is out of the question. I started German 101 four times and only once did I make it all the way to the final exam.

But I ramble (that's becoming more common after I slipped, fell, had thirty stapes pumped into my head.)

So, I found this photo. Yeah, the one to the right. Mom took me to the neighborhood photographer when we lived in Ciudad Juárez and had him take six or seven photos of me in this dress. I still remember buying that dress. I so wanted it! With the pretty flower on my chest and the red vichy pattern on the MINI (yes, my first mini skirt! I wanted to be just like the big girls, but I didn't want my panties to show. Mom said that terrible things would befall on girls who showed their panties. All those teenage years that I spent wearing mini skirts I never showed panties. I'll keep digressing... I wore mini skirts when all the girls were wearing Ditto's jeans, saddle-seat style of course. Do you remember those? Yes, I went against fashion and wore mini skirts. My only objective was to wear those skirts and show no panties. I succeeded because none of the horrible things that Mom promised would happen if I did have come to fruition. Ha! Back to the scheduled stroll down memory lane...) skirt. Yes, I remember that dress! But what on earth made me agree to wearing those shoes. They are horrid. I am embarrassed. (This comes from a woman that has owned (yes, I am ashamed to admit it. You can call me Imelda. A few small villages could have been fed with the money I spent on shoes... Heard them all) over 150 pairs of shoes. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX TO BE EXACT. Well, I have photographic evidence that taste acquired!

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alejandra said...

Oh my how you brought back many childhood memories....