Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On Vacation

Vacation for me started on July 2. Well, finally I get to leave the big city behind and can now hide myself in a small village, population 400. I make a firm promise to not:

Watch TV (the devil's tabernacle)

Surf the Internets (oh my, my karma will suffer if I am Plurkless for a whole month!!!! However, I do not know if I can do without Facebook for a whole month and five days. For me, Facebook is like an accident. You know you shouldn't, but you do anyway)

And firmly resolve to:

Go for long walks early in the morning

Eat only what resembles the food source (potato chips look like a potato if you stack them together, so get off my case)

Work on school stuff three hours a week, no less no more

Read the 10 books I am going to lug around for the next 36 days.

Speak French when in Nimes (considering that when I went to Perpinyan it took me half and hour and 3 cups of espresso to remember how to say, "the check" in French...)

Not try to impose my wants needs and desires on my travel companions (although what I want to do is definitely much more interesting than what they want to do!)

Not miss Mass on Sunday because I'm on vacation (He never takes a vacation)

So, I'll be back on September 1 and you can be sure that the computer will be on even before I unpack my bags.

Pax Christi

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