Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No, really...

I've been here all along. Just did not feel like writing anything. it's the same in my journal. I'll disappear for months and then write non stop.
I have to place the blame on Twitter, Facebook, Plurk and all the other social networking sites. I write so much there that the blog gets relegated to time when guilt starts setting in.
Another issue that has kept me away is that I'm thinking of starting a blog elsewhere. I don't feel comfortable with the name. Most people that read it think it's about a lunatic woman in Barcelona. Well, that might be so, but that's not what the blog is about. At least it isn't where it has evolved and where I am at.
So, if I can find the time and muster enough energy to do so, I will be migrating elsewhere.
And that's another issue! Where?! I don't know.
I'm off to the countryside for six weeks. I promised myself no computer, no TV, no DVDs. Only radio and ipod. So I won't make a decision until September when I come back from idyllic places, back to the drudgery of every day life.

On the non drudgery department:
I'm thinking of changing parish. I have been going to the church closest to my flat. However, the masses are only in Spanish or Catalan and most of the time I am able to make only the Catalan masses. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty good at understanding Catalan, but it's just not the language I pray in. So, I found a church with services in English. I think I'll switch in the fall as well. They have a Yahoo group set up and I'm hoping to get them to migrate over to 4marks or Facebook to make everything easier.

Changes in my life. I hate them. But they are oh so necessary.

Pax Christi

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Maria said...

Wow! So I'm reading and reading and reading!

I hope you start writing and writing and writing! this is wonderful, and the title is clever, not crazy, but I get the whole moving thing since I recently did it.